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Snicker's visits Kid Stop

 Deputy Mike Williams Snicker's handler and Snickers visited the Kid Stop on November 17, 2015.   The kids and staff enjoyed meeting Snickers and learned about Snicker's special talents in tracking and rescue.  They really had fun with snickers he is a special dog and enjoys kids.  A pure bread Blood Hound isn't the normal household pet. This was probably the first time they have had the opportunity to meet  a hero like Snickers. 

Snickers has performed several  times with life saving results.

Thanks to the Kids Stop for the invitation to meet the kid we all had a great time.

Thanks to everyone for your support

Life Saver Award presented to Deputy Snickers and Deputy Mike Williams

Award Video November 27, 2013

Snickers shows his skills at GNTC  11-07-13 

Boy Scouts meet Snicker Doodle at Rome Braves Stadium 10-19-13 

Fun Day at Ridge Ferry Park  10-19-13 

Tired after a hard day of training in Florida


















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